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350+ Functionalities

An Optimal Emergency Response Mechanism

  • Dedicated Emergency Assistance Button

    A single press of this button will activate the emergency assistance

  • Auto Dial to Emergency Services

    As soon as the request is activated, Pixie will automatically dial to the preset Emergency Assistance Number; For example 911 or 999.

  • Detailed SOS Message

    Pixie will send SOS Message to all the registered contacts with your location and link to Pixie Connect Software.

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

    Pixie will speak on behalf of you during emergency. Along with SOS Message, Pixie will make call to all your registered contacts explaining your location to them. Your contacts can also get extra information through the IVR services

  • Smart Location Tracking

    With the combined technology of Global Positioning System and Cell Towers, Pixie locates user with as close as 10 meter to 500 meter accuracy. The latest location is been shared with all the SOS contacts for every 30 seconds to 5 minutes interval based on battery availability.

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Pixie Connect

Empowering People

A Breakthrough Web Application

Exclusively designed for your contacts to assist you in emergency. It has been loaded with all necessity functionalities like location tracking, hospital and police station finder, chat room, situation analyzer and many more.

Emergency Rescue Squad

A team united for great cause

Emergency Rescue Squad(ERS) is a team of volunteers joined hands to assist the people in emergency. Along with your contacts Pixie will also send the request to those ERS members near you. They will act as your first responders to support you and your contacts

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